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📰 Top News

Microsoft-OpenAI's $13 Billion Deal Escapes EU Merger Probe - Microsoft's substantial investment in OpenAI is poised to proceed without a formal merger probe by the European Union, emphasizing the non-acquisition nature of the deal aimed at strengthening AI advancements.

Google Merges DeepMind and Research Teams to Ramp Up AI Efforts - Google consolidates its DeepMind and research teams to streamline AI development, focusing on safe AI practices and scaling up its most advanced AI models.

Controversy Over Meta's WhatsApp Use in Gaza - Reports indicate that Israel's military is using Meta's WhatsApp in its AI-targeting system to identify and strike militants in Gaza, raising serious ethical and legal questions about technology use in conflict zones.

Meta's Largest AI Rollout Across Apps - Meta integrates its most advanced AI, powered by LLaMA 3, across all its platforms, promising a smarter, more interactive user experience in apps like Instagram and WhatsApp.

Wayfair's Controversial AI Training and Layoffs - Wayfair faces criticism after reportedly using its employees to train AI systems before implementing widespread layoffs, highlighting ethical concerns in AI utilization.

85% of all AI Projects Fail, but AE Studio Delivers

If you have a big idea and think AI should be part of it, meet AE.

We’re a development, data science and design studio working with founders and execs on custom software solutions. We turn AI/ML ideas into realities–from chatbots to NLP and more.

Tell us about your visionary concept or work challenge and we’ll make it real. The secret to our success is treating your project as if it were our own startup.

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Call an ambulance… but not for me

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AI Disruption: Google Search Quality Declines - AI-generated content is degrading the quality of Google search results, pushing users towards more human-centric platforms like TikTok and Reddit for reliable information.

Google Restructures Finance Team to Boost AI Investments - Google is realigning its finance operations, involving layoffs and relocations, to support its intensified focus on artificial intelligence, signaling a significant shift in its business strategy towards AI-driven products.

LLaMA 3 Outperforms Competitors in Benchmark Tests - Meta's LLaMA 3 model surpasses other prominent AI models in benchmark tests, showcasing superior general knowledge capabilities and hinting at a new frontier in AI technology.

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