Nvidia sued for NeMo AI

Also, Sam is back on OpenAI board!

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Nvidia is sued by authors over AI use of copyrighted works - Nvidia's AI advancements have hit a legal snag, with the company being sued by authors claiming their copyrighted books were used without permission to train Nvidia's NeMo AI platform. This case highlights a growing concern over the use of copyrighted material in AI development, as Nvidia faces allegations of copyright infringement for incorporating an extensive dataset of books to enhance NeMo's language capabilities. Read more

Sam Altman's Dramatic Return to OpenAI's Board Reinforces His Vision - Following a brief ousting that shook Silicon Valley, Sam Altman has reclaimed his position on OpenAI's board, marking a significant victory in the tumultuous leadership saga. The move, after a thorough investigation, not only reinstates his influence over the company's direction but also addresses the diversity concerns by adding three women to the board. Read more

America's Power Grid Stressed by AI and Clean Tech's Rising Demand - The United States faces a looming energy crisis as the demand from AI data centers and clean technology factories increasingly strains the nation's aging power grid. This surge in electricity consumption is challenging utilities' capacity to supply power, prompting a nationwide scramble to upgrade infrastructure and rethink energy distribution strategies. Read more

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President Biden Advocates for a Ban on AI Voice Impersonations - During his State of the Union address, President Biden addressed the burgeoning issue of AI voice impersonations, proposing a ban to protect individuals' identities and maintain authenticity in digital communications. This move reflects growing concerns over AI's ethical use in both the tech and entertainment industries. Read more

Inscribe.ai Faces a 40% Staff Cut Amid AI Fraud Detection Challenges - Inscribe.ai, a prominent AI fraud detection software provider, has announced a layoff of nearly 40% of its workforce, highlighting the intense pressure and challenges within the AI sector. This decision comes as the company grapples with missing revenue targets and adapts to the rapidly evolving AI landscape in financial services. Read more

Google's Pixel 8 Can't Handle Latest AI Models, Says Google - Google's Pixel 8, despite its AI-centric marketing, faces unexpected limitations with running the company's newest AI models due to "hardware limitations." This revelation raises questions about the compatibility between Google's hardware and its advanced AI ambitions, especially when compared to the Pixel 8 Pro and other high-end devices. Read more

The Public Is Rapidly Turning Against AI, Polling Shows - Recent global polling indicates a decline in public trust in AI technologies, with trust levels dropping from 61% in 2019 to 53% today. In the US, the decrease is even more stark, plummeting to 35% from 50% five years ago. This trend underscores the urgent need for AI innovation to be more responsibly managed, focusing on transparency, ethical considerations, and community engagement to rebuild public confidence in the technology.

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