GPT-5 release date

And Saudi Arabia's $40B AI investment

Hey folks! Let’s get into the world of AI… 

🛠 AI tools to checkout

Vana - Unleash your digital persona with personalized AI, creating a mini "you" for a new way to interact and explore the world.

Watto AI - Revolutionize document creation with AI, enhancing productivity and efficiency in crafting essential business documents.

Immplify - Simplify the immigration process with advanced AI, offering secure and efficient document management and support.

SkillMe AI - Tailor your learning experience with AI, enhancing personal development and career advancement in just 15 minutes a day.

Gitya - Boost your GitHub workflow with AI, automating mundane tasks and refining pull request processes for better efficiency.

Vaizz - Elevate content creation with AI, crafting unique stories, voices, and videos to bring creative visions to life swiftly.

📰 Top News

OpenAI Expected to Launch 'Better' GPT-5 for Chatbot Mid-Year - OpenAI is set to unveil a significantly improved GPT-5 version for its chatbot services by mid-year, promising enhanced performance and capabilities.

Stability AI Brings a New Dimension to Video with Stable Video 3D - Stability AI introduces Stable Video 3D (SV3D), pushing the boundaries of generative AI video tools by rendering 3D video from a single image or text prompt, marking a significant step forward in video generation technology.

Saudi Arabia Plans $40 Billion Push into Artificial Intelligence - Saudi Arabia aims to become a global AI powerhouse with a $40 billion investment, demonstrating the nation's commitment to integrating AI into its economic and social fabric.

Microsoft Hires Inflection Founders to Run New Consumer AI Division - Microsoft strengthens its AI leadership by hiring the founders of Inflection AI, highlighting the tech giant's emphasis on consumer AI innovations.

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🗞 Below the fold…

Nvidia Announces GB200 Blackwell AI Chip, Launching Later This Year - Nvidia reveals the Blackwell generation of AI chips, featuring the GB200, poised to significantly boost AI model training and execution capabilities later this year.

Google DeepMind Unveils AI Football Tactics Coach Honed with Liverpool - DeepMind collaborates with Liverpool FC to develop an AI football tactics coach, showcasing AI's expanding influence in sports analytics and strategy.

Nvidia AI Nurses Could Cost Hospitals $9 an Hour - Nvidia partners with Hippocratic AI to introduce AI nurses, offering a cost-effective, tech-driven solution to healthcare, amidst ongoing debates about the role of AI in medical professions.

OpenAI shuts down ChatGPT plugins

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