FTX's $884M AI Exit

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X's Premium Push: AI Chatbot Grok Unleashed for All Subscribers - Elon Musk announces that all X Premium subscribers will gain access to the AI chatbot Grok, signaling a strategic move to boost platform engagement and compete with leading chatbots like ChatGPT.

FTX's Strategic $884M AI Investment Exit - FTX bankruptcy estate to sell a substantial portion of its shares in AI startup Anthropic for $884 million to institutional investors, marking a notable step in recouping value for the exchange's creditors.

What Stability AI's CEO Departure Means for the AI Industry - Stability AI's CEO Emad Mostaque steps down to focus on decentralized AI projects, raising questions about the future direction and leadership dynamics within the AI startup ecosystem.

Apple's WWDC 2024: Anticipation for AI Announcements Builds - Apple gears up for WWDC 2024, with the tech community abuzz over potential AI strategy unveilings. As Apple hints at significant AI investments, this year's conference is expected to showcase revolutionary AI features and updates, setting new standards in consumer technology.

Canada Sets Sights on AI: Tightening Foreign Investment Rules - Canada aims to strengthen national security by implementing stricter foreign investment regulations in AI, quantum computing, and space technology sectors, a move by Innovation Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne to ensure sensitive data protection and technology safeguarding.

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Artifact's AI News App: Not Shutting Down Yet? - Despite earlier shutdown announcements, Artifact, the AI news app by Instagram's co-founders, remains operational, exploring paths for future sustainability amid a growing AI-driven news aggregation space.

Adept's Ambitious Path to AGI: Insights from David Luan - David Luan, a pivotal figure in AI's evolution, shares insights on Adept's mission to bridge the gap to AGI. By focusing on multimodal agents capable of performing tasks as humans do on computers, Adept challenges conventional AI development trajectories, emphasizing practical applications over theoretical advancements.

The Battle of AI Search Engines: Can They Dethrone Google? - As AI-driven search engines like Perplexity and You.com rise, they face the ultimate challenge: outperforming Google. This article explores the varied capabilities of AI search tools in navigation, information retrieval, and exploration queries, highlighting the hurdles these innovators must overcome to redefine online search.

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