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Microsoft's Strategic Alliance with Mistral Shakes Up AI Landscape - Microsoft has entered a groundbreaking partnership with French AI startup Mistral, taking a minor stake in the company valued at €2 billion. This collaboration will bring Mistral’s language models to Microsoft's Azure AI platform, marking a significant move beyond Microsoft's initial investment in OpenAI. Mistral is set to unveil 'Mistral Large,' aimed at competing with OpenAI's GPT-4, though it won't be open source. This partnership signifies Microsoft's commitment to diversifying its AI offerings and strengthening its position in the AI market.

Apple Puts Brakes on Autonomous Electric Car Project - Apple has officially canceled its long-speculated autonomous electric car project, known as Project Titan, leading to potential layoffs for hundreds of team members. Some employees may transition to Apple’s generative AI projects, while others face a 90-day period to find new roles within the company. This decision marks the end of Apple's ambitious foray into the automotive sector, reflecting broader industry shifts and the challenges of pioneering autonomous vehicle technology.

Google's Secretive AI Platform Tests with Publishers - Google has launched a private program, offering select news publishers beta access to an unreleased generative AI platform. In exchange for analytics and feedback, publishers will receive a five-figure sum annually and access to tools for content creation. This initiative aims to explore AI's potential to support journalism, particularly for smaller, local publishers, by leveraging public data sources for high-quality journalism.

Tumblr & WordPress Reportedly Join the AI Data Trade - Tumblr and WordPress are rumored to be the latest platforms selling user data to AI giants OpenAI and Midjourney. This move, mirroring Reddit's controversial strategy, could significantly impact content creation and privacy norms online.

Glean Sets Sights on Surpassing ChatGPT in the Corporate World - Glean, an enterprise-focused AI, aims to outperform ChatGPT by integrating with company databases to provide employees with precise, plain-English answers to their queries. With a recent $200M funding boost, Glean is poised to redefine workplace efficiency.

Klarna's AI Assistant: A Game-Changer for Customer Service - Klarna's AI virtual assistant is now handling a significant portion of customer service interactions, showcasing the potential of AI to streamline operations and enhance user experiences. This development highlights the evolving role of AI in reshaping industry standards for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

OpenAI Accuses The New York Times of Hacking - OpenAI has accused The New York Times of hiring someone to hack its products as part of a copyright infringement lawsuit. OpenAI's defense challenges the Times's journalistic integrity and argues for the dismissal of several key claims, highlighting the ongoing tension between AI developers and content creators.

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