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And Apple's lawsuit against Rivos

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Hey folks! Let’s get into the world of AI… 

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📰 Top News

Apple Lawsuit Behind It, Chip Startup Rivos Plots Its Next Moves - After settling its high-profile lawsuit with Apple, Rivos, a chip startup, is advancing its plans to innovate in the AI and data analytics chip market. With significant funding and high aspirations, Rivos is positioning itself as a formidable player in the tech industry.

Humane AI Pin: Much-Hyped Gadget Rocked by Bad Reviews - The Humane AI Pin, a wearable AI device promising to revolutionize the tech wearables market, has been met with harsh criticism for its performance and practicality, casting doubt on its future impact on the tech industry.

Microsoft Invests $1.5B in UAE-Based AI Firm G42 - Microsoft has made a strategic $1.5 billion investment in G42, an AI firm based in the UAE, marking a significant move in global AI collaboration and emphasizing secure and responsible AI development.

Tesla Layoffs: Strategic Realignments as AI Focus Sharpens - Tesla's recent layoffs, impacting high performers and several departments, reflect a strategic shift within the company. With an upcoming focus on AI and autonomous technologies, these moves could be aligned with optimizing resources and realigning priorities towards innovative AI initiatives.

Apple's iOS 18 AI to Focus on On-Device Processing - Apple is enhancing privacy in iOS 18 by integrating AI processing directly on devices, avoiding the need for cloud computing and addressing privacy concerns with server-based AI tools.

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Intel and Others Commit to Building Open Generative AI Tools for the Enterprise - Intel, alongside other tech giants under the Linux Foundation, is setting new standards in generative AI by developing open and interoperable tools tailored for enterprise applications. This collaborative effort aims to foster innovation and set a benchmark for future AI developments.

Amazon Music Follows Spotify with an AI Playlist Generator of Its Own, Maestro - Amazon Music introduces Maestro, an AI-driven playlist generator, challenging Spotify's dominance in music personalization. This tool allows users to generate playlists using a mix of prompts, potentially changing how we experience music streaming services.

Baidu's AI Chatbot Ernie Bot Surpasses 200 Million Users - Baidu's AI chatbot, Ernie Bot, has rapidly gained popularity, reaching over 200 million users and becoming a cornerstone of Baidu's AI offerings, showcasing its wide application in various industries.

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