$175M AI Scam

And it's connected to OpenAI's fund...

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Hey folks! Let’s get into the world of AI… 

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📰 Top News

The Voice Cloning Revolution Is Here and It's Unbelievably Real - OpenAI unveils a pioneering voice cloning tool capable of mimicking any voice from a mere 15-second sample. This technology, while groundbreaking, navigates the fine line between innovation and ethical concerns, with its potential applications sparking both excitement and debate within the tech community.

Amazon's $150 Billion Data Center Gamble to Fuel AI's Future - Amazon is embarking on a colossal $150 billion investment to scale up its data centers, a strategic move designed to cement its leadership in the cloud computing arena amidst a surging demand for AI services. This ambitious plan not only underscores Amazon's commitment to dominating the AI landscape but also signals a significant ramp-up in infrastructure to accommodate the next wave of digital innovation and AI applications.

OpenAI Holds Back Voice Cloning Tool, Citing Misuse Concerns - OpenAI has decided not to release its advanced voice cloning tool, Voice Engine, to the public, highlighting the potential risks of misuse in generating misleading content. This cautious step reflects OpenAI's commitment to ethical AI development, balancing innovation with the imperative to safeguard against the technology's potential for harm, especially in a critical election year.

The Mystery of OpenAI's Phantom $175 Million Fund Manager - OpenAI found itself embroiled in a bizarre scenario where a seemingly pivotal figure overseeing its $175 million startup fund turned out to be nonexistent. This intriguing development raises questions about the integrity of corporate governance within the tech industry, especially in high-stakes ventures involving groundbreaking AI research and development.

Microsoft and OpenAI's $100 Billion Bet on an AI Supercomputer - In an unparalleled collaboration, Microsoft and OpenAI are reportedly pouring over $100 billion into a data center project destined to host an AI supercomputer, codenamed "Stargate." This monumental venture aims to massively scale AI computing capabilities, potentially revolutionizing how we harness AI's power and further deepening the partnership between these two tech giants in their pursuit of AI supremacy.

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At AE we like solving really hard problems. One pretty big one is AI alignment. Although “building conscious AI” carries some shock factor, we have a pretty thought-about approach to our AI safety efforts. Ask us about it.

And we’ve proven ourselves with custom software and AI solutions for all sorts of clients: early stage startups, Fortune 500, AI, blockchain, e2e product development, best machine learning algorithms for BCI, etc. (basically any tech buzz word you can think of). The secret to our success is treating your business as if it was our own startup.

We like working with other founders and execs who also have ambitious plans and big ideas that we can make a reality. So work with us, let us make your project successful, and help fund humanity-saving R&D in the process.

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This AI Runs So Fast on CPUs, It Might Just Break the Internet - The introduction of 84 new matmul kernels by LLaMA promises to significantly boost AI processing speeds on CPUs, potentially democratizing AI technology by making it more accessible. This advancement could herald a new era in AI, offering faster and more efficient processing capabilities across various hardware platforms.

U.S. Giants' Bold Move: Ditching China for Mexico in AI Tech Twist - In a strategic pivot, U.S. tech giants are transitioning their AI manufacturing bases from China to Mexico, a move influenced by geopolitical tensions and the quest for innovation independence. This shift not only alters the global AI manufacturing landscape but also underscores the growing importance of geopolitical considerations in the tech industry.

China's $140 AI Chip Is Here to Shake Up the Tech World - A Chinese chipmaker launches an AI processor that is not only 90% cheaper than conventional GPUs but also cleverly circumvents U.S. sanctions. Priced at approximately $140, this chip could dramatically lower the barriers to AI development and spark a wave of innovation in AI hardware, challenging current market dynamics.

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